Scotts Irish Cider

19 Sep

Just finished a bottle of Scotts Irish Cider. I love the stags on the bottle but it’s not overwhelmed with information. Their website lacks any additional information. However, the twitter feed seems to suggest it might be made in Armagh….

So what about the cider. It’s nice. A clear golden colour. Sparkling but not overly so. It tastes of cider apples with good cheeses tannins and a nice long finish. At 5% alcohol by vol, it’s not too strong.

As a question, I wonder if it’s possible to brew cider to 5% alcohol by volume. My pressings always come to over 6% as judged by specific gravity. Does that suggest that cider makers are diluting their juice to make a 5% brew?

Interestingly, Scotts don’t use the term ‘real cider’ on their label. In fairness it tastes pretty good. I would like to know the percentage juice and the types of apples use, more out of interest than anything else.

It’s recommended as a drink – it’s good quality cider for those who can cope with that proper cider flavor.



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