Why I love sourdough bread….

14 May

sourdough bread may 2013

It’s Real Bread Maker week. A week to celebrate Real Bread and the people that make it. For me, sourdough bread is the best type of real bread.

The main reason I love sourdough the flavour. The flavour comes from high quality flour combined with long fermentation and proving time. The flavour comes from wild yeast and bacteria. Sourdough bread makes very tasty sandwiches and the best toast in the world.

I also love that it can be eaten four days after its made. I read somewhere (perhaps the Partisan Baker book) that sourdough bread doesn’t go off – it matures. It loses some of its moisture and becomes a little more sour. The acidity helps prevent mold growing. If you keep it in cloth (not plastic – unless it’s in the freezer), mold won’t grow for ages.

I love the purity of the ingredients – just flour and water really… yes I make a leaven but that’s just flour and water with a few added friends.

I love that it’s difficult to mass produce and that with practice it’s possible to make an excellent product at home. I love that every loaf is unique because it’s hand shaped, hand slashed and ends up being cooked in a slightly different way.

Did I mention – it makes the best toast in the world. I love that 🙂


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