Gift loaves….

10 May

Tomorrow is the start of Real Bread Maker Week. My plan for the week is to give away gift loaves – 20 large loaves of sourdough bread.

Each loaf is made like this:

I mix:

Here is a picture of my leaven: a culture of natural bacteria and wild yeasts that make sourdough special.


The mixture is kneaded and allowed to ferment for either 5 hours at room temperature or for 2 hours at room temperature and over night in the fridge.

The loaves are then shaped and placed in baskets to prove. Again either 5 hours at room temperature or for 2 hours at room temperature and over night in the fridge.

Then the loaves are turned out of the baskets onto a peel and slashed. As fast as I can, I transfer the loaves into a hot oven for baking – usually for about 35 minutes or so.

I allow the bread to cool and wrap it in greaseproof paper and add the Bread Maker Week Logo.

Gift loaves

I started early so four loaves have been gifted and seem well received.

More to be gifted over the weekend and next week.

Most of the loaves are pre-ordered but I have a few spaces. Anybody fancy one?


4 Responses to “Gift loaves….”

  1. Pops May 10, 2013 at 3:27 pm #

    Thank you for the recipe, I live alone and there are few if any specialist bakers in my area :o( but whilst I have access to a bus pass there are more and more Farmers Markets/Food Festivals to get to and some places cost no more than bread purchased in the supermarket.

    Though I have to watch what I spend(low income)and energy costs I am trying to bake my own again, maybe do a couple of loaves at once. So far all my loaves have failed but I may be lucky with your recipe.

    The last one I made was almost as it was supposed to be…they have all been heavy to date/over done on the outside but not cooked enough inside. But kneeding for longer has helped.

    I don’t know many people to give them away to but might be able to manage to give some to six people.

  2. Pops May 10, 2013 at 3:40 pm #

    That smiley was supposed to be a frown…BTW your recipe, do your measurements make one big loaf or a couple of smaller ones? Is it a 2lb one or a larger? Baked on a tray or in a loaf tin. What shape do you usually make them? Round, traditional or like a bloomer? Thanks.

    • Paul Brennan May 20, 2013 at 9:12 pm #

      Thanks for your comments. The measurements make one large loaf (800g/1lb12oz) but could be used to make two smaller ones. I bake on a tray but a loaf tin will work. I usually make oblong loaves. I guess more like a bloomers.
      Best wishes, Paul


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